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INC007 Happy Hari Oud Masala Incense Sticks: Box of 20 Packs (80 Sticks)

INC007 Happy Hari Oud Masala Incense Sticks: Box of 20 Packs (80 Sticks)

Oud Masala: Box of 20 Packs (80 Sticks) 

Exotic Oud Masala Incense imported directly from India's finest cottage industry artisans. The aroma that set the imagination of Middle Eastern poets and Sufi mystics aflame is a fascinating product of the process that via slow deterioration brings immortality. Oud is a resin released by Aquilaria tree species in order to protect themselves against fungus that decomposes their bark and branches. Developing over many decades, oud is priced above rubies. This extremely high-quality oud masala is a true work of genius, its fragrance ethereal and complex, blending nuances of ambergris, loban, gugal, tobacco and woods. Its rich fragrance is used for scenting mosques and clothes in the Middle East.


This is from the same supplier as the Happy Hari incense line. Each pack contains approximately 4 large incense sticks (approximately 15 grams). Each incense stick lasts for 60 minutes plus. Size of each sick is approximately 19cm long. Available in box of 20 (80 sticks) or packs of three (12 sticks). 

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