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INC002 Happy Hari Gold Organic Halmaddi Nag Champa: Five Packs (40 Sticks)

INC002 Happy Hari Gold Organic Halmaddi Nag Champa: Five Packs (40 Sticks)

Happy Hari Organic Halmaddi Nag Champa: Five Packs (40 Sticks)

Gold Nag Champa is hand-rolled and made with traditional production methods from ancient family recipes. Natural pure ORGANIC materials. No unwanted chemicals. Contains Halmaddi - The true Nag Champa secret ingredient. Natural herbs and resins are also combined with floral extracts, to create a natural blend. This incense is a traditionally made example of a time-honoured favourite. Produced by a small family business in India, making their incense to secret recipes handed down through generations especially for temple worship, hence the use of gold dust. 


Nag Champa GOLD is also sprinkled with 'sacred' GOLD-DUST in honour of the tradition of old of adding the brass shavings from the manufacture of temple statues to an incense pot, because every little sparkle was a little piece of Shiva or Parvati etc. Each stick will burn slowly, for about 30-35 minutes, with a wonderful fragrance and lingering presence. Often used for yoga and meditation. GOLD is the only Nag Champa to be certified clean-burning and lead free. Available in box of 25 or pack of 40 Sticks.

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