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RAL001 Genuine Quartz Point Rock Crystal 1st Grade with Plasma GANS: Medium 3-5cm

RAL001 Genuine Quartz Point Rock Crystal 1st Grade with Plasma GANS: Medium 3-5cm

RAL001 Genuine Quartz Point Rock Crystal 1st Grade (3-5 cm) with Plasma GANS


These are genuine 1st grade, pure quartz crystal points. Each is approximately 1.5"-2" (3-5cm) long. They can be made into pendants, used as a massager or simply carried around in the pocket or purse.



Simply put, GANS is 'Gas in Nano State of Solid'. GANS is perhaps the most basic form of 'matter' in the universe. Beyond matter, beyond gas, here lies GANS. Somewhere in the middle of what you thought you new and what you know exists is GANS. The Key to the Universe. It is the building block of all things. Our bodies are a composite of many GANSes. We know that GANS is another state of matter completely. Traditionally, we are only used to hearing about liquids, solids and gases.


GANS is basically a formulation of little miniature suns, all perfectly spaced and radiating spinning plasmatic fields.


Our bodies are made up of a composite of many types of GANS, held together by gravitational and magnetic waves and the informational/morphogenetic/source field. We are not merely ‘humans’, we are plasma beings made up of a complex network of informationally coded GANSes, linked to the infinite consciousness and deeply connected on a level way deeper than current scientific acknowledgement. Further information can be obtained here: https://maartenudema.wixsite.com/plasmahealth/faq.



Each crystal has been sprayed coated with pure distilled water containing GANS plasma. The crystals are then left to dry naturally. This is done several times to ensure that each crystal is covered completely. GANS cannot be washed off, once dry. Once an items has been in contact with GANS, it is for life. Therefore, even if you wash the crystals many times, the GANS adheres to the crystal. GANS will continue to emit plasmatic energetic fields for perhaps thousands or millions of years.



The GANS plasma used is nano-copper and zinc (CO2). It will activates cells, revitalises the body and strengthens the immune system. With this technology, the self-healing powers of the organism are supported at the level of the fields that build up the organism itself. Just by keeping the crystal within your morphogenic field (within your aura) will allow it to emit its power to heal and rejuvenate you.


GIFT WRAP OPTION: we are very happy to wrap any item your purchase, free-of-charge. This will include attractive gift wrap, ribbon and printed foil card. Just send us the name of the person, along with your message, at the time of purchase. We will do the rest!

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