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Nemesis Now Steampunk Skull Steaming Copper Metallic Tankard Mug 15.3cm RRP £15.99Decorative bronze skull tankard with copper pipes, cogs and gears. A fantastic addition to any kitchen. This tankard is cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted. Comes with a dishwasher-s..
Nemesis Now Steampunk The Nautilus Copper Metallic Ornament 23.5cm RRP £17.99In the shape of a shell type sea creature, this steampunk creature is a perfect decoration for any nautical steampunk vessel. Paired with the Perpetual Piranha Statue also from Nemesis Now, this is would ..
Nemesis Now Steampunk Sub Piranha Submarine Copper Metallic Ornament 22.5cm RRP £64.99Steampunk Piranha Submarine Figure, mounted on a stand, cast in high-quality resin and painstakingly hand-painted and given a bronzed finish.Mounted on a stand like an intricate brass gear, this men..
Nemesis Now Steampunk Perpetual Piranha Submarine Copper Metallic Ornament 33.5cm RRP £59.99Sit this steampunk style piranha on any mantelpiece and it'll be the focus point of any conversation! With its mechanical fins and sharp ferocious teeth, this is a perfect gift for any stea..
Nemesis Now Steampunk Bronze Octo-Steam Copper Octopus Squid Figurine 15cm RRP £29.99High quality Steampunk Octopus figurine. Cast in the finest resin. Lovingly finished in Bronze. Size 15cm. Bronze Octo-Steam Steampunk Octopus Squid Figurine Cast in the finest resin before being..
Nemesis Now Steampunk Bronze Copper Bionic Ocular Receiver Figurine 23cm RRP £59.99This Steampunk skull gazes straight ahead, one eye covered by a bronze monocle, the other exposed. A deliciously macabre addition to any laboratory. A fantastic gift for any Steampunk scientist..
Nemesis Now Steampunk Bronze Copper Dr Beaky Plague Doctor Figurine Bust 23cm RRP £19.99This Steampunk Plague Doctor will help cure your ills. Complete with riveted top hat, cogs and gears. Cast in the finest resin. Given a bronzed finish.  Here we have ..
GTH254 Nemesis Now Steampunk Bronze Copper Time after Time Skeletal Hand Sand Timer 16cm GTH254 Nemesis Now Steampunk Bronze Copper Time after Time Skeletal Hand Sand Timer 16cm
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Nemesis Now Steampunk Bronze Copper Time after Time Skeletal Hand Sand Timer 16cm RRP £11.99This metallic hand emerges from cogs and gears. Within its hand it holds a timer filled with black sand. The glass can be removed and turned around. Cast in the finest resin and lovin..
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